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Longines replica watches

As a world-renowned replica watches brand, Longines replica watches has been established for more than 100 years. It is built on a long and innovative aesthetic tradition and maintains a classic between elegance and elegance. The Moon series is the perfect balance of works, the ultimate expression of romance, imagination, and creativity, ranking first. 1. In the minds of many Longines replica watches enthusiasts, the most attractive part of the moon is that it can display the state of the moon on the disk for 29.5 days. The moon phase function is usually placed in a semi-circular window and consists of a semi-circular arc and two small arches. This well-designed shape, combined with the moon on the lunar disc, tells us more accurately how the moon looks like at the beginning or end of a cycle.

The Longines moon phase chart is so complicated that many people want to own it, but for various reasons, choose the Longines fake watches moon phase chart. Which one is the best? The Longines Moon replica watches Phase Compound Watchmaking Factory is in good condition at present, including JF factory, YL factory, 3m factory, etc. Of the manufacturers of Longines and moonlight watches, three million are the best and the most expensive. The factory is produced according to a genuine 1: 1 mold. The entire production line is by the actual inspection and assembly procedure. The diameter is 42 mm. The stainless steel box 316l, 7751, replaces the original L678.2 automatic mechanical timing movement. Copy each tick, text position, font size, month-to-month window iced out watches replica, and first match exactly. Adopt the same high-grade glaze filling process as the original, to ensure the text color is consistent.